Add a Splash of Colour with Column Rads.

Are you considering doing a full scale renovation or just looking to  revamp a tired looking room? If you are looking to make an interior design statement in your home, choosing the right colour for your room is probably one of the most important things you will have to consider. Have a think about these questions before you get started.


Do you want your colours to contrast or match?
Which colours go well together?
Which colours are currently on trend?


The colour you choose could say a lot about you and your style. Any colour you choose is the colour you will have to live with, so how can we help you to choose the right colour for your home? Follow these simple steps to see how we at Column Rads can help you head in the right direction.


Step One: Colour Context

Which room are you renovating? Have an idea of what you want to achieve in this room and how it flows. What is the rooms purpose, and does it have a focal point? Will you include a feature wall? Once you have an idea of these, you can begin to think about a colour choice.


Step Two: Choose a Colour Starting Point

If you have too many colours in mind, it can be quite overwhelming. Pick one that you love and build on it from there. Once you have a starting point, you can begin to think about your accent colours. Consider whether you want complementary colours or contrasting colour. Do you want a monochrome look, or do you want the colours to pop?  Now you can move into making a tonal choice.


Interior design tips colour palette
Interior Design Tips: Choosing a Colour Palette


Step Three: Create a Mood Board or Two

Creating a mood board will enable you to visualise not only your colour or tonal choices, but your fabric and texture choices too. Collect a variety of colour and fabric samples. You can often purchase these in stores or online and you can find our customers favourite colour samples here.

There are several ways you can do this. You can try using a digital tool like Pinterest which you can easily share with friends, or by creating your own scrapbook mood board which will be better when including paint/fabric samples etc. Why not head over to the Column Rads Pinterest page and check out our interior design inspiration boards.


Step Four: Colour Testing

So now you will want to test out your colour combinations. If you have a colour paint in mind or a wall paper sample, take it shopping with you so that you can place it alongside any accessories you want to purchase such as cushions, rugs and throws. This will help you in making that final choice. Try added a splash of colour alongside door frames so that you see visualise the impact an open door can have on this room. Does the adjoining room have a contrasting colour or might it make your colour choice clash? Will it enhance your colour choice?


Step Five: Choose your Column Rads Coloured Radiator and Accessories

Whatever designs and colours you have chosen, we can provide a custom coloured radiator to suit your needs. There is no longer a need to hide your old radiator behind a cover. All you need to do is choose your colour from the Ral Code. We use these to customise the colours of our radiators to suit your needs. Don’t forget to style your valves, your pipe tails and your radiator feet to your new designs too.


We still stock great looking, traditional and modern white radiators, but if you're looking for something different to match a colour scheme, we've got you covered. You can find a range of colours from black radiators to grey radiators and even something eye catching such as radiators in red, yellow and everything in between. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, cloakrooms and hallways. If you want to buy an old, cast iron radiator, with our column radiators you can find something that looks similar, but made with modern design. We also supply both vertical radiators and horizontal radiators with various BTU (British Thermal Unit) heat outputs so you can find the perfect radiator to fit in any space in your home.


RAL radiator colour codes guide
Interior Design Tips: Choosing a RAL Colour for Your Radiator

Use our custom colour quote tool to get a quote today. Use this handy RAL colour chart to help you decide which colour you will choose for your Column Rads designer coloured radiator.

Alongside our range of coloured horizontal designer radiators, we supply a wide range of radiators from stainless steel chrome radiators, such as towel rails for bathrooms and kitchens, to vertical designer radiators. You can find single and double panel radiators for your central heating system and even electric radiators and flat panel radiators.

Now all you need to do, is get renovating and don’t forget to update us on how they look in their new homes. Share your photos of your new radiators on our website or social media sites


Happy Renovating!

Column Rads


*Colours may vary when applied to radiators and should be used as a guide only.