Radiator Valve Twin Packs

Give those heaters some style! The Bentley Gothic antique brass, antique copper and silver nickel TRV and lock shield valve packs from Evolve include reversible... valve and matching lock shield. We have a range of manual and thermostat based radiator valves also. More modern style twin packs are available in chrome and nickel from Elegance and Gold. All are in stock now at Column Rads.
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  1. Bentley Choice TRV and Lockshield Valve Set
    As low as £37.99 Incl. VAT
    Bentley Choice TRV & Lockshield Valve Set
  2. Bentley Choice TRV & LS Wood Heads
    £6.60 Incl. VAT
    Bentley Choice TRV & Lockshield Wood Heads
  3. Bentley Choice Chrome Valve Set
  4. Bentley Choice Silver Nickel Valve Set
  5. Bentley Choice Chrome TRV & Lockshield Heads
  6. Bentley Choice Silver Nickel TRV & Lockshield Heads
  7. Bentley Choice Raw Brass TRV & Lockshield Heads
  8. Bentley Choice Bronze TRV & Lockshield Heads
  9. Bentley Choice Gunmetal TRV & Lockshield Heads
  10. Bentley Choice Traffic White TRV & Lockshield Heads
  11. Bentley Choice Jet Black TRV & Lockshield Heads
  12. Bentley Choice Grey Aluminium TRV & Lockshield Heads
Showing 1-12 of 47
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