Valve Tails and Decoration Covers

Valve tails and decoration covers can be easily overlooked when purchasing a new radiator, however here at Column Rads we want your new radiator to be... perfect from top to bottom. We have a huge range of accessories to elevate the look of your new radiators and add some style to your home, hiding ugly pipework away. Match your tail covers to your décor and give your new purchase an elevated and polished look.
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  1. Chrome Angled Tails & Plates
  2. Antique Brass 130mm Tails & Plates
  3. Silver Nickel Angled Tails & Plates
  4. Chrome 130mm Tails & Plates
  5. Chrome 300mm Tails & Plates
  6. Black Nickel 130mm Tails & Covers
  7. Silver Nickel 130mm Tails & Plates
  8. Antique Brass 300mm Tails & Plates
  9. Antique Copper 300mm Tails & Plates
  10. Black Nickel 300mm Tails & Covers
  11. Silver Nickel 300mm Tails & Plates
15 Items
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