Radiator Brackets

Column Rads offers a range of radiator brackets, including towel rail mounting brackets and more, in sets of four or six brackets. Included is an extra... deep wall plate to accommodate installation when the radiator must project further than usual from the wall. Bracket sets are available in white and raw metal.
Coloured Column Radiators From Stock
Coloured Towel Warmers From Stock
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  1. Column Radiator Wall Plate - White
  2. Set of 4 White Column Radiator Brackets
  3. Set of 6 White Column Radiator Brackets
  4. Column Radiator Wall Plate - Raw Metal
  5. Set of 4 Raw Metal Column Radiator Brackets
  6. Set of 6 Raw Metal Column Radiator Brackets
  7. 500mm High Bracket
  8. 300mm & 400mm High Bracket
  9. Anti-Vibration Inserts For Compact Radiators
  10. Set of 4 White Towel Rail Brackets available at ColumnRads UK
Showing 1-12 of 13
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