The TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) regulates the fluid flow to the radiator in order to keep the temperature of the room constant at the value you select - without abrupt temperature changes. A good quality TRV can achieve energy savings - saving you money throughout the home and throughout year. Column Rads has a full range of TRVs in stock at the best prices online, from top brands such as Evolve, Gold, and Elegance.
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  1. Bold Black Gloss TRV/LS Set
  2. Traditional Gold TRV/LS Set
  3. Traditional Antique Copper TRV/LS Set
  4. Bold Black Nickel TRV/LS Set
  5. Traditional Black Nickel TRV/LS Set
  6. Bold Antique brass TRV/LS Set
  7. Traditional Antique Brass TRV/LS Set
  8. Bold Silver Nickel TRV/LS Set
  9. Traditional Silver Nickel TRV/LS Set
  10. Traditional Chrome TRV/LS Set
  11. Traditional Chrome Corner TRV/LS Set
  12. Gothic Black Nickel TRV/LS Set
  13. Gothic Antique Copper TRV/LS Set
  14. Gothic Silver Nickel TRV/LS Set
  15. Gothic Antique Brass TRV/LS Set