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Biophilic Design Trends in the Home

Biophilic Design Trends in the Home

Hottest Design trends for Summer - Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is the concept of bringing nature indoors. The benefits of biophilic design include improved mental health, increased wellbeing and promotes a calm environment. That will encourage you to feel at one with the earth and nature and should help reduce stress levels. The more plants you have, the more oxygen rich the air in your home will be. This interior design trend is already proving to be huge.  We have some top tips on how you could achieve the look at home, on a small or large scale.  



If you’re interested in interior design, the latest home trends, and biophilic design elements, then it would come as no shock to you that light is a wonderful way of completely transforming a space. Whether natural or artificial, placement and shadows can completely change the mood of a room. In biophilic design, unsurprisingly the focus is on bright and organic light from large windows and skylights. However, many of us may not be fortunate enough to have access to lots of natural light in our home. By introducing lighter colours, reducing patterns, and keeping lighting large and neutral, you can create the same effect in a more shaded room. Of course, mirrors also really help to push natural light into otherwise dingy corners. Try placing one opposite a light source to reflect the light around the room. Or, get creative with some smaller mirrors within a gallery wall.  


Biophilic Design Inspiration - Column Rads  


Plants & Greenery

If we’re focusing on bringing the natural world in to our home environment, we will of course have to include some houseplants. Plants in the home are proven to increase mood and productivity, as well as aiding our space with fresh air and various other benefits. Many of us struggle to keep plants alive, so there is no shame on purchasing fake foliage if it’s not something you want to keep on top of. There is a huge array of fake plants available, with the benefits being that they look great all year round. They don’t produce dead leaves and can be placed anywhere in the room to give the appearance of a natural environment. If you’d still like some low maintenance natural elements but don’t have much space for a larger plant, considering succulents is a good idea. Cacti and paddle plants look great on a shelf or next to a television and need very little attention. Adding a plant also adds a splash of colour if you have a simpler palette in the home, and they are very versatile, suitable for any type of room. There are also plenty of helpful apps available to help you keep those plants alive in you feel up to the challenge. After all, not all of us were gifted with green thumbs.


  Biophilic Design Inspiration - Column Rads  



Of course, colours are also a big part of biophilic design, with the focus being on neutral naturals of green, browns, beiges, and creams. Some people may consider these more muted tones slightly boring, but they’re very versatile and timeless. Think green walls in the living room and the use of natural materials throughout the home such as rattan sofas and coffee tables. If indoors plants, real or fake aren’t your thing, you could always go a little less literal and get some fantastic floral wallpaper.  


Go Green with Column Rads

If you’re looking for a home décor style that doesn’t date, it might be a great option for you. Luckily, we have some fantastic coloured radiators that would work perfectly with this trend, including our beige brown, cream and light ivory offerings. These classic colours work well with a huge range of decors. They would be perfect if you’re looking for something more understated and simpler in your home. Remember, we’ve got a huge range of coloured radiators and valves available on the Column Rads website. These are perfect for those looking for biophilic interior design elements. Check them out here.  


Get Inspired

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