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Official Offers and Discounts Only - Column Rads

Official Offers and Discounts Only - Column Rads

Save money and time with official offers and discounts only from Column Rads.

As you may know, at Column Rads, we have fantastic products at affordable prices. When we have deals, offers or coupon codes available we will share with our customer base in a variety of ways. This is most commonly via Google ads, on site, via marketing emails or by social media etc. You may come across “discount coupon code” sites that entice you to follow links to get discounts of various products. Most of these pages will not be genuine and could be fraudulent. We have been diligent and finding and blocking some of those sites, which may bring you to this page.  We would advise using our offical offers instead.  

discount code site fraud image - offical offers from ColumnRads


Be aware of scammers

Unfortunately, although the internet is a great place, full of amazing deals to be had, there are still criminals trying to catch you out and take your money*. If you believe a genuine code, you can input this at the checkout. If you have any issues with your discount code, please get in contact with us. We will clarify the validity of the code for you. If we have any official offers or codes update, our customers will be the first to know.   Follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for all the latest news or savings.  

*Please be aware of scam sites and entering any personal details.