Spring Colour Trends – Embrace the interior Design Trends this Spring

Spring Colour Trends – Embrace the interior Design Trends this Spring

Embrace the Top Interior Design Trends this Spring

It might have felt like spring was never going to arrive, but it is finally here! The flowers are blooming, the weather is trying to warm up, the days are getting longer, and everyone just seems to be in a slightly better mood. Spring is a fantastic season for dusting off the wintery cobwebs and giving every aspect of your life a bit of a refresh, including your home. We’ve chosen 3 of our custom colour radiators to showcase some of the current spring interior trends.


Muted Colours – Light Ivory

Using neutral, warm, and often cosy hues is a great way to create a homely feel to any room. It is set to be one of the top interior trends for 2023. Some of the more bold and vibrant colours of 2022 are being toned down, giving them a calmer, deeper and more natural presence. We’re now looking for colours that are easily found in nature.

Light Ivory can give you a sense of those neutral, natural colours. Think Pampas Grass and channel your inner Stacy Solomon.


Bold Blues – Signal Blue

Although Classic Blue was Pantone’s colour of the year in 2020, blues are still going strong. We’re looking at a range of darker blues this year. But darker doesn’t mean dull and dinghy. These darker blues are bold, statement colours like ultramarine blue. It is bright but not garish. Add thrifted pieces, heirlooms, antiques to compliment the almost royal feel to this trend.

Signal Blue works well with this trend as it blends in quite nicely. Finish off a Signal Blue rad with some antique brass or copper values and pipe tails to complete the overall look.


Going for Gold – Sungold

We have been embracing the added opulence of some metallic finishes over the last few years.  This year is no different. And we’re hoping it’s a trend that’ll linger a little longer. It instantly upgrades a space, making it feel more expensive. It is a great way to glam up your home without a hefty price tag. The warmer tones of gold pair well with almost any other colour too.

Sungold gives you the warmer tones of yellow and the extravagance of gold. It is a great way to integrate this popular design style into you home in a functional way.


Whatever your style, we’ve got a custom-coloured radiator for you. Why not check out our full range and get a quote today.


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