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Custom Colour Quote

Here at Column Rads we want to give our customers a personalised experience, which is why we created the Custom Colour Quote service. Although we have a great range of radiators in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes to readily select, we’re aware that some of our customers want a more customised experience when it comes to the radiators in their home.

You can request a quote for any colour we don’t already make using the RAL colour guide for your selection. The RAL colour guide has a huge array of colours from across the spectrum - available from darks, to neutrals and brights so you’re sure to find something that will compliment your décor. Just choose a corresponding number and size/configuration of radiator, and we’ll be able to provide you with a price. This service is available in our full range of column rad sizes, so you can choose a radiator that works best for you and your home, but with a colour that you have personally chosen.

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