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Interior Trends for Autumn & Winter 2022

Interior Trends for Autumn & Winter 2022

Interior Design Trends: From 70’s revival to dark academia

We all know this season is set to be like no other. With rising costs of pretty much everything and the climate crisis making itself well and truly known, it is easy to get bogged down in all the negativity around us. This season’s interior trends reflect this. People are looking at ways to improve their well-being with a bit of DIY and give their homes a fresh new look. We’ve found a few low budget ways to give your home a little spruce up for less.  


70’s Revival – Again

Whilst is only feels like a hot minute since the last 70’s revival, this time around is different. This season is less about the clashing, psychedelic colours of decades gone by. It is more focused on natural materials, earthy but fun tones with a sense of free-spiritedness. It aims to simultaneously relax you and brighten your mood. By using a combination of natural woods, earthy wallpapers, and organic textures with geometric shapes this 70’s revival can add a depth to your home that you’ve been longing for. This seasonal trend includes the use of plants which are well known for boosting one’s mood, giving you a sense of purpose in a chaotic and seemingly out of control world. It also features some great homemade elements. Macrame, hand crafted ceramics, and a general DIY look and feel really help to tie this all together.  



The Bare Essentials

A somewhat regular trend in recent years, the warm, natural neutrals seem to be around to stay. By bringing the simplicity of nature into the home, you can create a truly calming and relaxing space. This Autumn interior design trend is about creating a space that is minimal but functional without being too clinical. Imagine Pampas grass, chunky wool knit blankets and soft rounded edges. Use light browns, creams, and off whites to keep a muted, colour palette. Pair this with furniture of substance, of functionality and keep the space feeling minimal but homely. Whilst these almost nude colours do not necessarily scream autumn, they can give you a sense of being cocooned from the outside world. The warmth in these colours will keep a room feeling warm and inviting without being dark and dingy.  



Well-Being Pinks

This trend is hugely versatile. Pink and green have long been a favourite in British homes, and it is not just for spring/summer. The use of warm, pale, or pastel pinks can evoke a feeling of joy, happiness, and wellness. This in turn increase the happy hormones and increases our sense of well-being. Soft pinks can be used in pretty much any room in the house. It is increasingly being used in the kitchen too. It can also make a statement in a dining room. Pair it with warm metals such as rose gold, copper, brass, and gold to add warmth without being overwhelming. This is great for the colder months as it breaks away from autumnal colours and is reminiscent of the summer months.  




Notably one of the biggest trending colours this year thanks to Pantone’s colour of the year. Lavender as a scent has a well-known calming factor and the same can be said about the colour. It has a softness about it. It will help you to unwind and relax. Lavender is a great colour to use in the bedroom or the bathroom. Using it a little or a lot is down to personal preference, much like the scent. It works great with organic textures, patterns, and furniture. It is perfect for creating that tranquil space where you can kick back and relax.



Dark Academia

If you are the kind of person who would rather hunker down in a wood cabin somewhere with endless blankets, hot drinks, and a pile of good books then this is the trend for you. This trend with its rich, deep colours, dark woods, candlelight, a truly snug really sings autumn/winter. Dark academia isn’t just a fashion statement, it is a seasonal treasure. So why not add a rich colour scheme to the wish list? This trend is perfect for the living room, home office or for a reading corner in your home, where a warm neutral colour scheme can fit in well. Bring this trend into the 21st century with dark but bold wallpapers. If candles aren’t your thing, swap cold and modern lightbulbs for warm, low watt and industrial style bulbs in floor lamps. Mix and match different blanket textures. Really go to town with the moody, writers cabin vibes. This trend is also a great way to forget about everything but that book you’ve been meaning to read. Self-care at its finest.  


On a tight budget?

Changing up your home décor doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need a professional stylist. A repeating theme for this season is natural and homemade for a boho makeover. There seems to be a new attitude to the way we decorate and maintain our homes. We’re more aware of our impact on the earth. People are looking for ways to reduce waste and reuse what they can in an almost war time, mend and make do kind of way. Whilst that isn’t just about saving money, it sure helps. For natural and homemade think earthy tones, wood, terracotta, rattan, natural textiles, and tactile soft furnishings. These are all on trend for home interiors right now. Getting a small statement piece can make all the difference. Some options include a retro side table, coffee table or table lamp. You can get some great inspiration on social media if you’re stuck for ideas. DIY as a hobby is a great self-care tool to have in your belt. Not only do you get to keep the things you make, but you have spent time working with materials. You may have learnt new skills over the last few years that can be put to good use. It might be worthwhile scoping out local social pages for free or cheap furniture that you can upcycle for a fraction of the cost to buy new. And you never know, this could end up bring a bit of extra cash when you need it most.  



Autumn/Winter 2022

This season's all about creating a space that is cosy and relaxing after a hot and hectic summer. Using a range of natural colours, materials, textures, and patterns you can create the ultimate cosy living space. You can find a range of radiators in a variety of colours to suit your needs. From designer column rads, to budget friendly compact rads and everything in between, we’ve got what you need. Check out our socials for more inspiration.


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