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Coloured Radiator
Choosing The Right Radiators
For Home or Office

Customers are now looking for more when it comes to heating their homes, and are seeking alternatives to plain, traditional radiator choices. In the past few years there has been huge developments in the choice of radiator styles and finishes. Customers now have a wide array of traditional or coloured radiators to choose from, that can easily complement any home décor or trend whilst fulfilling your practical heating needs perfectly.

Coloured radiators are probably more versatile than you may think. You can choose something demanding and bright, or just a subtle finish to compliment a more muted palette. Whether you want a statement piece, or something that blends in, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on our Column Rads website.

Our standard radiator colours (also known as RAL Colours) are as follows:

Standard Colours



The standard colour choices are some of our most popular. Black, Raw Metal, Grey Aluminium and Hammered Gold all add some depth and personality to a room without making a big statement. They’re incredibly versatile and classic, but add a modern and more interesting edge to your home heating system.

Coloured Radiators

If the simpler colours and finishes aren’t for you, we have a large range of brighter or metallic radiators. Our coloured radiators are specially powder coated to order, so it’s important that the correct selection is made when the order is confirmed. Unfortunately, due to this specialised service, we can’t accept returns on coloured radiators.

To ensure that you are making the most informed decision before you order, you are able to acquire small samples for all our coloured radiators. If you’re thinking of making a larger purchase, we recommend checking the sample is exactly what you want for your home. Our radiators are painted to specific standards (RAL Colours, see our RAL Colours Guide), and provide a fantastic range of custom colours.

Our coloured radiators fall into two distanced categories, Metal Toned and Coloured.

Our metal toned radiators can be ordered in the following colours:



Metallic finish radiators are becoming more popular every year. They add depth and something different to a room, perhaps without making the larger statement of a bright colour. They can also be very adaptable as they tend to come in more neutral tones, they can be mixed and matched to a variety of styles.

Our coloured radiators can be ordered in the following colours, with accompanying RAL Code:



View our full range of Coloured Radiators now.

If you’re looking for something brighter, then we have a wonderful selection of more traditional coloured radiators. Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and more, they can really elevate the look of any room. All our radiators come in different sizes and configurations to work in smaller or larger rooms, whether a small office or open plan kitchen, we have radiators to fit and add a more contemporary twist to your living space.

You can make sure the size and style are right for you with our BTU calculator, so you don’t have to compromise style and function.

At Column Rads it’s important to us that you get a great service at all levels. Therefore, we created the ability to also request custom colours, also based on the RAL guide. This unique and personalised service allows you to choose from a much wider range, to ensure that you’re getting the best product and match to your home and décor.

If you have any questions about ordering coloured radiators then please do not hesitate to contact us, where we’ll be happy to help you with all your needs.