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Our Radiator Accessories Range

Our Radiator Accessories Range

More than just Column Rads – Our favourite radiator accessories

So, by now we all know that here at Column Rads, we have an amazing range of designer radiators in a variety of different colours and finishes to suit any home décor. However, we’re more than just Column Rads. Did you also know that we have a full range of accessories that can add some personality to your home heating? From valves to feet and beyond, we have the radiator accessories to suit you. Let’s look at some of our favourites.  


Mix and match with our range of radiator accessories. A white column radiator paired with orange radiator accessories sits against an orange illustrated wallpaper and pale wooden floor – Column rads

Mix and match – Bentley Choice TRV with Interchangeable Heads


Radiator Valves

Often overlooked, radiator valves can really tie in the look of your radiator with your home décor, regardless of the style. At Column Rads, we have a large variety of valve types and styles that would look great with any home décor style. Our range of designer Bentley valves is our most extensive. From modern to traditional and everything in between.  

  • Modern Radiator Valves

If you’re looking for a more modern valve with a choice of colour popping TRV heads, why not try out the Bentley Choice range of valves. This will give you a completely customisable experience. Change the décor in the room, update the valve to match. If you’re looking for something sleeker, why not try the Bentley Bold. TRVs provide better functionality over standard valves and are worth the upgrade. The also fit to the radiator pipes and pipework in the same way.  

  • Traditional Radiator Valves

If you are looking for something more traditional, we have a range of manual valves including the Bentley Manual. Will fit nicely in a period home, matching other key design elements within the home. We also have a range of manual valves from various brands.  


Radiator Feet

Again, another underrated accessory in our range, radiator feet can add elegance to any rad. Our selection ranges from modern to traditional styles, bright to more muted finishes. With our range of decorative radiator feet, you can create a completely custom and bespoke look. Perfect for any home.  


Smart home tech. A Google Nest Learning Thermostat sits against a blue/green wall with a plant creeping into shot from the bottom left – Column Rads

Get control of your home heating with a smart thermostat


Central Heating Thermostats

A key component of the home heating system is a thermostat. We have the latest and greatest selection available for you including products from Google Nest. Increase your ability to save energy and money with these WIFI enabled smart thermostats and smart heating products that adapt to your preferences. Never heat an empty home again. We also stock standard thermostats and other well-known brands.   Our full range of coloured radiators and accessories are available on the website at any time. You can also purchase samples to ensure you’re making the right colour decision for your home. We also have a full range of designer and personalised valves, feet and accessories to elevate the look of any radiator. Accessorise for a completely bespoke and unique look and feel. We also stock spare parts such as replacement radiator brackets, hangers, and fixings in case you lose your original ones. Aside from this don’t forget to check out our range of heated towel rails, panel radiators, and electric heating and heater products to suit all your needs.   Looking for some inspiration? Check out our customer content on Instagram today.