The Atlantic Sokio range of electric radiators can be a great addition to any drafty and chilly room requiring a softer heat output. The Atlantic Sokio range combines a simple and clean design with aluminum plate technology to provide an even and efficient heat output in any environment. Electric radiators can be a more environmentally friendly way of heating your home or adding additional heat where needed.
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  1. Atlantic Sokio White 750w Electric Radiator 2559 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £140.96 Incl. VAT
  2. Atlantic Sokio White 1000w Electric Radiator 3412 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £150.49 Incl. VAT
  3. Atlantic Sokio White 1250w Electric Radiator 4265 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £160.02 Incl. VAT
  4. Atlantic Sokio White 1500w Electric Radiator 5118 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £169.54 Incl. VAT
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  5. Atlantic Sokio White 2000w Electric Radiator 6824 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £179.06 Incl. VAT
5 Items
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