Spare Plastic Anti-Vibration Inserts For Compact Radiator Brackets, Pack Of 10

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These spare plastic anti-vibration inserts are for use with compact radiator brackets are used to stop the bare metal of the bracket rubbing against the bare metal of the radiator.

  • Pack Of 10

  • Protects Against Metal On Metal Grating

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How can I work out which size radiators I need?

Our BTU Calculator tool will help you identify suitable radiators for the specific room(s) in question. As a guide, in our experience we’ve found the typical room size of the average 3 bedroomed house requires the following radiator sizes:

Lounge = 1400 x 600 double
Dining room = 1200 x 600 double
Kitchen = 900 x 600 double
Bedroom 1 = 1400 x 600 single
Bedroom 2 = 1200 x 600 single
Bedroom 3 = 900 x 600 single
Bathroom = 600 x 600 double

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