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When choosing the right radiator to fit the right area or style the radiator valves often get overlooked. It is always a shame when we see a fantastic order for raw metal radiators and the customer has not chosen valves to match. This often means that the plumber is going to get the valves! Great if he is getting them from us at Columnrads but not so good if he turns up with a basic radiator valve to fit on your expensive designer column radiator to be located in your design led room.

Furthermore there is often a communication issue between plumber and homeowner and an “I thought they came with the rad” from both parties. So do not leave it down to chance select the radiator valves when you are initially starting the job and have a look at our package deals with rads and valves which not only saves you a great bit of money but means that the rads are delivered ready to be installed you just need to add pipe work and water...!

What valves are best for what radiators?

This is a question that Columnrads get asked a lot and when you are handling and selling the rads in the volume that we do we have found there is trends and habits.

With standard radiator’s it’s definitely the trend to fit the basic valves and dependent on budget these can be £2 odd up to £10. This will give you a thermostatic valve and rad valve for the other end and they are generally white and fairly unobtrusive. Normal panel radiators or convector are in the main functional so require easy operating valves and definitely need to be controlled hence why you would use an angled Thermostatic valve like the EV-C15TP.

Towel rails will use a different valve set up as the tapping’s are generally on the bottom and if your pipes are coming from the floor then you need a straight valve. As with all valves you can choose to have manual or thermostatic control. If you are fitting a towel rail and the pipes come from the wall then you have the option to use one of our corner valves like the EV-HP15C.

Column radiators are really the ones that you can go to town on the valves and this is because of the choice in finishes that area available. Here at Columnrads we offer a range of valves to suit not only the colours and finishes available but styles, periods and surrounding fixtures and fittings that you may have. The Bentley range of valves includes finishes like black nickel and antique brass in a traditional and Gothic style. This is where the choice starts and yes it can take time but the impact to the radiator when it is fitted takes it well over the “wow factor”. As they say it is the simple things that make the difference. Here are a few of our suggestions based on previous purcahses but all ideas are down to the individual and what they are trying to achieve.

Raw metal radiators

Bentley Traditional, Manual or Gothic in Antique brass, silver nickel and black nickel work really well.

Baker's of Danbury - Frith Farm

Coloured radiators
Bentley Traditional, Manual and Gothic in either silver nickel or chrome as the radiator is the feature and you just need a smart looking valve.

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Hammered Gold
Well the jury is out on this one as it is so new but we envisage a Bentley Black Nickel as it will pick up the hammered spots in the radiator.

With all the finishes available of radiators then it is always possible just to fit an manual valve and these also come in a myriad of finishes.

Make sure you check your pipework first which may determine you valve selection but feel free to drop Columnrads an email to ask any questions.