Say Hello to Autumn with Custom Coloured Radiators & Accessories

After a pretty disappointing summer weather wise, we are now ready to welcome the cooler, shorter days of Autumn. Autumn is second only to summer in terms of the nation’s favourite season and it’s easy to see why. Milder weather, sunny days (we hope) and the beauty of the changing leaves make it a lovely couple of months. It’s also a perfect time to start looking at upgrading your central heating system in the last few weeks before you need to use it. We’ve put together a few of our favourite autumnal hues from our wide range of custom coloured column radiators and accessories, so you can bring the outside in and make your home cosy all year round. Let’s have a look at one of the hottest trends this season.


Down to Earth

As we get to grips with the ever-present effects of climate change, our style choices begin to evolve. More people are looking for interiors styles that reflect a more earth friendly tone. People are choosing sustainably sourced furniture, accessories. They want to have an eco-friendlier home and their style choices mirror that. Earthy and natural colours are becoming quite popular.


All the leaves are…Brown

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Many people tend to switch off when you mention the colour brown. Words like; its dull, boring, bland come to mind. However, believe it or not, brown often creates a wholesome feeling, a connectivity to the earth and a sense of grounding. A down to earth colour, brown represents stability and support. It affects the mind by creating a cosy feeling, making you feel relaxed and warm. This makes it the perfect colour for radiators. Check out these three brown toned custom coloured radiators and accessories available from Column Rads today.


Beige Brown custom coloured column radiator with matching bentley choice trv Beige Brown Custom Coloured Column Rad with matching Bentley Choice TRV


Beige Brown Horizontal Radiators

Our Beige Brown Radiator is a really versatile, warm toned colour that would work well with a variety of decors. Brown has been a very popular colour this year in clothing and home décor alike. It really compliments are more neutral pallet of creams and dark woods – but can also fit in well with more extravagant tones like burgundy or forest greens. This finish works well against some of the brighter autumnal colours such as a mustardy yellow. Pair it with some leather chairs, a geometric rug, a few cream scatter cushions and some autumnal art prints and you are good to go.


Volcanic Sunset Red custom coloured column rad with silver nickle bentley choice TRVVolcanic Sunset Red custom coloured column radiator with Silver Nickel Bentley Choice TRV


Volcanic Red Radiators

This rich colour is perfect for adding some depth to a lighter toned room. The beautiful finish on this Volcanic Sunset Red is a subtle sheen, so consider the placement carefully to get the most of it. A deep tone like this is an extremely versatile colour option, working in dark and light rooms and can stand out as much as you like. If you decorate your home for the autumn season this could be a gorgeous centre piece, as it would look wonderful surrounded by pumpkins and pinecones. This dark red is a lovely look all year round and really adds decadence to any home décor.


Retro Bronze custom coloured column radiator with matching Bentley Choice TRVRetro Bronze custom coloured column radiator with matching Bentley Choice TRV


Retro Bronze Radiators

Our Retro Bronze custom coloured radiator is a slightly darker toned brown with a beautiful metallic finish. We know that metallic finishes have been a huge trend for 2021 and bringing them into your home in the form of a coloured radiator is a subtler way of implementing it into your décor. Bronze famously can be paired with browns and greens for a more hunting cottage vibe, or something lighter like beige or even terracotta would complement this finish. It’s the perfect pairing for those chilly autumn evenings under a blanket with a glass of red.

The retro bronze radiator is a great choice for cloakrooms, living rooms and kitchens, depending on your colour scheme. These bronze radiators make a great alternative to the look of a cast iron radiator and will stand out when compared to a more traditional white radiator.



Mix or match? It is your choice. Add custom coloured Bentley Choice valves to match your chosen radiator colour or mix it up with a different colour. When we say fully customisable, we mean it. Why not try the Raw Brass Choice valve to customise yourself at home? Go all out with our custom coloured radiator feet. Again, you can mix or match to achieve your designed style and finish. Remember we have a huge range of custom coloured radiators and accessories available all year round.


Not only do we stock a range of column radiators, but you can also get vertical radiators, towel rails and double panel radiators so that you can find the perfect radiator for any room in your home. You can get central heating radiators in a wide range of sizes and RAL colour finishes at Column Rads. All our radiators are available in a range of BTU heat outputs so you can get the most out of your home heating.


Get Inspired this Autumn

If you're looking for some more inspiration, check out our Autumn 2021 Interiors Inspiration Pinterest Board today. Find our how our customers are styling their custom coloured radiators on Instagram