Towel Rails & Heating the Bathroom During the Winter Season

Summer is swiftly passing by, signaling the arrival of both autumn and winter.  With the change of the seasons also comes a renewed interest and need for heating products.  It is only natural for homeowners to reconsider their heating options, especially with the cold as the wake up call when stepping out of the shower every morning.  It is important to properly heat even the smaller rooms in a home, even the bathroom. We provide a wide selection of heating products varying from radiators, towel rails, and thermostatic valves for any room in the house.  Our company has over 30 years experience in the plumbing and central heating business, in addition to their great selection and incredible pricing. Overall, there are a number of factors that go into deciding which new radiator you should be purchasing.  For example, it is vital to know the amount of space that the radiator will be heating.  Without this knowledge, the prospective buyer essentially has no idea how powerful a radiator is necessary for the space (i.e. a bathroom requires a radiator with less power than a living room). This lack of understanding could lead to a poor buying decision.  A consumer can buy a radiator too large for the space and wind up spending more money than they should have, all while having a radiator that is not efficient for their needs. In addition to price and efficiency, design can play a large role in the decision making process.  There are a number of different styles and colours radiators can come.  For example, we offer both horizontal and vertical units along with two or three column units.  Beyond the less than stunning design differences, radiators can also be found in more interesting materials such as glass and stone.  More often than not cast iron has been the traditional material, whereas steel is usually the most affordable. No matter what the season though, we have a range of great deals/offers on a number of bathroom radiators and towel rails. Considering the size of most bathrooms, most bathroom radiators or towel rails are neither large nor expensive.  For example, one curved chrome towel rail is being sold for just £53; a great purchase for any bathroom. Find out more on our bathroom radiators page at