Top 5 simple ways to transform your home

Top 5 simple ways to transform your home

Top 5 simple ways to transform your home

There is no timeline to when you should decorate or update your home. In a recent Anglian Home Improvements survey, most people asked said that they switch it up every two to four years. But there are a few smaller things you can do in terms of home design that won’t break the bank but can completely transform your home, whether from an interior design standpoint or from how its seen in natural light.  

1. Update your radiators

Although a relatively simple job, replacing your radiator can instantly change the look and feel of your living space. Often overlooked as a focal point, you can make your rads stand out. Whether you’re going for a more modern and stylish or classic and refined look, we have a radiator that will work for you. You can even show everyone your style with a statement radiator. Check out our range of column radiators, or use our rad builder tool to check which style, shape or colour would be the best fit for your home. If you're mad about the look of old Victorian radiators, we also stock a range of traditional looking radiators that feature a similar appearance but without the hassle associated with old rads.    

2. DIY or purchase a new front door

Often, people forget about the impact their front door has as they only see it a couple of times a day. However, it’s the first thing guests will notice when entering your home – so our top tip is to fix your door to make a good impression! Peeling paint or rusting door knobs are so easy to fix and make a world of difference. So get your paintbrush out and make sure your home is as welcoming are you are.   bright yellow door

3. Feature wall

Hanging some wallpaper might not be ground-breaking, but changing the colour scheme with wallpaper can make a big change to a room. If you're repainting then a slightly darker shade can make a room look and feel bigger and will only take a couple of hours (and minimal skill) to achieve. Add a mirror to really open up the space in your living room and other communal areas. If you want to go all out, there are thousands of patterns that will add a pop of colour or some dimension to a boring room with not a lot of effort or thought. Perfect. feature wall with wallpaper of trees

4. Think smart

Although not cosmetic, installing smart heating controls, speakers or even lights can instantly transform your home into one that works exclusively for you. Saving you time money and energy, it’ll also impress your friends when you blast some party tunes without even having to put your drink down. Take a look at our smart controls from Google's Nest to decide which ones will work for you and your family. Google Nest Thermostat E

5. Add a skylight

Although adding a skylight might not be the cheapest option – it makes a huge difference to a space. It’s been proven that moods improve with increased exposure to sunlight, so if you want your home to be an oasis of calm (yeah right), this might be for you. Skylights aren’t just for loft conversions; they can also be great in smaller extensions over kitchens or dining rooms. As opening up the roof can be enough change for one year, it also means you can put off getting out the ladders and paintbrushes for a bit longer – yay! Find out more ways to transform your home on the Mr Central Heating Blog.