The Power of Colour Series - Powerful Red

The Power of Colour Series - Powerful Red

The Power of Red

Red can be seen as a bold choice to use in home décor. However, that hasn’t stopped it from being a popular one. Many people choose the colour for its different hues, tones and shades and its ability to work with many other colours, in any room. We will be continuing in our Power of Colour series by looking at the power of red. We're looking at the meaning behind the colour red, and how it can complement your style at home.


The meaning of red

Red is an extreme colour, representing passion, danger and anger. It denotes energy and portrays confidence and power. Red is the second favourite colour in the world and has obvious connections with romance and love. It is also used by some of the planet’s biggest brands such as Ferrari, Coca Cola and Netflix due to its eye catching and memorable quality. Apparently, the colour can increase your metabolism and stimulate your appetite, so would be perfect for a kitchen or dining room. It can also provoke the senses and make a person react faster, so it tends to be a very popular colour in games rooms too. It’s not a calming colour generally, so it is not chosen often for places where people like to relax like bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a lot of cultural symbolism of red. In China, brides often get married in red as it brings good luck. In Ancient Rome, red was the colour of the gods and in Greece, Easter Eggs were always painted red. It’s an important symbol throughout the world – but also a nice statement to have in your home or to just accessorize with. Here are our picks for red in your home.  


volcanic sunset red column radiator against a deep, burnt orange wall.

Volcanic Sunset Red


Using red in the dining room

Red walls can make a room extremely decadent but also quite dark. So, picking the right red is important. A darker tone on the walls with dark woods and chrome finishes gives an elegant look but would be better in a lighter area such as a conservatory. Perhaps if you want the look but don’t want to commit too much to red, a feature wall would work well or maybe some floral wallpaper with red accents. Warmer tones, more on the terracotta spectrum, also work well in dining rooms and look lovely in candle light in the evening. Here you could include our Volcanic Sunset Red column radiator. It's deep dark tones would really help tie in an earthy, terracotta styled room.


traffic red column radiator with strawberries and cream wall paper

Traffic Red


Using red in the kitchen

Some people love a red kitchen, and there are many available on the market from a bold and bright red to a dark and deep burgundy. Paired with wooden counter tops it can create a more retro vibe, or darker granites for something a more expensive. If red units aren’t for you then why not consider more of a statement piece. You could also just slowly introducing smaller items that complement each other. For example, our traffic red radiator is a perfect addition to a more neutral kitchen. Available in both vertical and horizontal, our designer radiators can fit in any space big or small. They can really add some dimension to an otherwise plain space. Match with red accessories such as a kettle or a toaster for a pop of colour without the commitment.  


Radiators at Column Rads

The power of red too much? We offer a range of coloured column radiator options. Find that perfect radiator for the living room, bedroom or anywhere around the home. You can also get radiator feet and radiator valves to match your coloured designer radiators. Not only can we supply red column radiators, but we also offer flat panel radiators and electric radiators. You can find vertical designer radiators, double panel radiators and a range of towel radiators and bathroom radiators. So, whether you need a central heating radiator that has the look and feel of a traditional column radiator, a towel rail radiator or a funky bespoke radiator in a range of RAL coloursWe've got you covered. All of our radiatores are available in various BTU heat outputs.   Wherever you choose to put your red, it can’t be denied that it is an important colour. It can really add some personality to a room. Whether bright accents are more your thing, or you’re off to buy the paint – Column Rads has something for you. Browse our coloured rads today.  


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