The Power of Colour Series - Optimistic Orange

The Power of Colour Series - Optimistic Orange

The Power of Orange - Orange Radiators & Orange Inspired Interior Styling Tips for the Home.


The Psychology of Orange

Orange is a colour that radiates warmth. It reminds us of those hazy summer days, hot sun zesty fruit and happiness. It is an optimistic colour. Orange is often associated with being sociable, warm hearted, playful and adventurous. The colour can reconnect us with our childhood. It can grab your attention easily which makes it a great colour for advertising and branding. Orange can, as with many colours, be overwhelming when over used. That is the power of orange. The psychology of orange leans towards a spontaneous and positive outlook on live. It keeps us motivated, helps us focus on the positive aspects of life and keeps us cheery. It helps boost creativity which makes it great for a study or studio. We often respond to it with heightened emotions and sharper awareness of our surroundings which is why it works well on high vis clothing.  

orange wall

Orange Painted Wall


Orange in our homes

The colour orange used to be a hugely popular colour in home décor. Wallpapers and carpets across the country heavily featured orange hues. However, these were replaced with more pastel tones and more recently, we tend to favour a neutral palette in our homes, leaving the brighter colours in decades’ past. After a while, the power of orange became a little bit overwhelming and so it was rarely used during the 80's-10's. Yet things are changing and the warmer tones or orange are making a bit of a comeback. Here’s how you can introduce orange into your home subtly.  


Oranges wall paper with Traffic orange column radiator

Orange Slices Wallpaper with Traffic Orange Column Radiator


Orange Wallpapers

As we’ve already mentioned, wallpaper from the 60’s and 70’s heavily featured orange tones and psychedelic patterns. These retro décor trends are slowly making a comeback but can still be a tad scary to some. If you’re brave enough, you can always modernise the look with a feature wall paired with more neutral tones and mid-century furniture. If this look gives you a headache, lots of retailers have more subtle hints and tones that you can work around. As we’d discussed in a previous blog, tropical and exotic décor is also making a comeback – so you can always take inspiration from that too with citrus hues. This would obviously look great in a kitchen or even an office or small downstairs toilet.  


Orange Accessories against grey

Grey and Orange Decor


Orange Home Accessories

Accessories can really can be make or break for a rooms aesthetic. They’re a perfect way to introduce different colours and styles without the commitment of a whole room renovation. If you’re feeling a bit timid but want to give warming oranges a go, try adding some cushions or throws to your existing furniture. What about orange plates or placemats in the dining room or a zesty print in a frame on the kitchen wall? Oh, and don’t forget some throw cushions and blankets in the living room. The options are endless. Of course, the easiest way to introduce orange especially in this season, is with autumnal décor including pumpkins and autumn wreaths. These are a modern way of refreshing your home throughout the seasons. We also stock  radiator accessories including orange radiator feet and radiator valves, which are a great way of spicing up a plain radiator too.  


Orange Radiators

Of course, one of our favourite ways of introducing orange would be with our traffic orange radiator. This show stopping colour can be a bit intimidating to some, but it’s a striking addition to any room. It is available in a variety of configurations. Place it against a dark wall for a real pop, or something more muted for a subtle lift. This column radiator can work in any room you like, but it is always popular in kitchens and dining rooms as it encourages a comfortable energy that people love to have all year round.  


Colourful_cookie - Orange VerticalRadiator

Vertical Traffic Orange Column Radiator - Picture credit @colourful_cookie


Hopefully we’ve shown you where you can add some orange into your home, without it being a scary prospect. Orange is known for passion, warmth and a cosy nature and is much more versatile than some would think. You can check out our full coloured radiator range here.   Here at Column Rads we supply a range of radiators in all shapes and sizes for your central heating system. You can find a wide range of column radiators available in different RAL colours to suit your own decor. You can also find high quality towel rails, vertical designer radiators and flat panel radiators in a selection of different sizes, specifications, and BTU heat outputs. No matter what type of radiator you need for your home, you can be sure you’ll find it at Column Rads.   Want some inspiration for your next interior project? Head over to Pinterest and check out our ispiration boards.