The Power of Blue - Showcasing Our Blue Radiators

The Power of Blue - Showcasing Our Blue Radiators

The Power of Blue

We continue in our home décor colour series with the Power of Blue. Blue is a colour that is dependable. It conveys responsibility, stability, and a calm nature. Many people associate the colour blue with the ocean and clear skies, making it the nation’s top choice for a bathroom. But what else can we do with the colour blue, and what top ways do we recommend adding it to your home décor?  


Blue and beige living room setting  


Mix and Match

Blue can be seen as a cold colour, but this isn’t always the case. Combining cooler colours like blues and greys with warmer colours like reds and oranges, can feel intimidating but the variation adds some depth to your interior design. Although you might not want to mix in bigger items, why not add various accessories to your room. If your sofa is grey, some brighter cushions will add texture, especially in a contrasting material. If your walls are navy, add an orange vase for an elegant look. A big trend of the past year is to have a darker blue kitchen with copper handles or back splashes, this warms up the colour and mixes mattes and metals in a contemporary way.  


simple lifestyle image of a Signal Blue column Radiator  


Statement Designer Radiator Piece

The great thing about blue is there are so many beautiful shades that can completely alter the vibe that is trying to be conveyed. The darker spectrum like Navy or Royal Blue are a bolder statement, whereas eggshell and turquoise tend to be much more subtle. If you don’t want to commit to painting the entire room a colour, then why not consider adding blue in a more temporary way.   A sofa or chair is a great way of introducing the colour without too much commitment, even prints on the walls or rugs too. Of course, at Column Rads we have the perfect statement piece of blue that would work in a variety of rooms. Our Signal Blue column radiator comes in a variety of sizes and configurations and really adds a modern twist to your room. Whether it’s a statement piece on its own for a minimalist approach or you want to match it to accessories, it can be a very versatile colour when styled in an interesting way. That is the power of blue.  


Stock image of a blue styled bathroom  


And, Relax

We couldn’t suggest ways of adding blue to your home without mentioning the obvious. Nautical. We know that nautical bathrooms can seem outdated and unappealing in 2022, but we don’t mean seagulls and stripes. A beautiful pastel blue with washed wood and beachfront prints will always be a classic and contemporary décor choice, especially for bathrooms. We know the sea is calming, and if by surrounding ourselves with nods to the coast can de-stress us – we’re all here for it. If you want to keep it more elegant, then just a couple of small accessories. Simple colour palettes can convey the idea without it becoming dated. We stock a wide range of bathroom radiators to suit your needs.  


Coloured Radiators at Column Rads

We all know blue is a hugely versatile colour, which is why it’s one of our favourites. If it’s not for you, make sure you check out our full coloured radiator range, or click here for our custom colour form for a bespoke RAL coloured radiator. To ensure you get the right size radiator for your room make sure to check out our online BTU calculator. So, whether you need a living room radiator, bathroom radiator or even a small cloakroom central heating radiator, we have you covered. We stock a great range of radiators for your central heating system. You can find column radiators, vertical radiators, heated towel rails, double panel radiators and electric radiators. We also stock radiator valves and accessories with fast delivery.   Want some inspiration for your next interior project? Head over to Pinterest and check out our inspiration boards.