Replacing a Panel Radiator with a Column Radiator

Can I replace a panel radiator with a column radiator?

The rise in popularity of the column radiator has meant that the choice of design has greatly increased for what was once a boring functional item. A radiators prime function is to emit heat and warm a room to the desired temperature. This temperature is governed by the function of the room and living areas are 70*F and bedrooms and kitchens are 65*F. This is due to what we actually do in each type of room and in a kitchen you often have a cooker and other appliances that emit heat. Different designs of radiator, have in theory have been around for a long time. But with the introduction of panel radiators and then convector fins to give more output, the panel convector radiator has been pretty much the popular choice. Designer radiators, as they are often termed, where generally available only to the rich. But now, with the amazingly competitive prices that Columnrads offer, it is no wonder that the dream of designer rads throughout the house is even more achievable. The sizes that we offer on columnrads are very similar to that of the sizes available in panel rads and if it is not an exact match you can easily use radiator extensions that allow you to make up the difference. The fitting of a column rad is definitely an upgrade to a system or room and in most cases the upgrade is down to a refurb, redecoration or just a good overhaul. Normal radiators serve a purpose and in a specific application they are fine but if you want to “wow the neighbours, impress the inlaws” or just have a great feature then column rads are the way forward. The variations of widths, heights and columns mean that actually column rads are much more flexible. Panel rads can only really be fitted horizontally and yes they do often have a good output but the compromise is on looks. Also column rads heat up in a very specific way and emit heat for a longer period as they hold much more water. Panel radiators heat up quick because of the small waterways and thin steel panels. The tubular style of column rads creates a much more even less forced heat. So the question "Can I replace a panel radiator with a column radiator?" should actually be “Why shouldn't I replace a panel radiator with a column radiator?”