How to Keep Your Bedroom Warm in Winter

With the British winter months rapidly approaching, it is important for all homeowners to reevaluate their current heating products in their homes. One question that we're often asked is how to keep the bedrooms warm in winter. Industrial style Raw Metal Column radiator Replacing an older unit for a newer, more efficient unit is a great way to keep heating costs down during these months. With heating bills on the rise this is perhaps the first area to examine when looking to keep the house warm. Columnrads offers quality, colourful radiators and other heating products at affordable prices for any room in the house. One area of a home, alongside the living room that should always be properly heated are the bedrooms. It is essential for homeowners with children to make sure the correct radiator or heating unit is installed in their children’s bedrooms.  Lack of efficient heating can cause a range of problems, ranging from expensive heating bills, to increasing the likelihood of damp in the room to promoting sickness, such as coming down with the flu. Sometimes when purchasing a new radiator, it is hard to know exactly what size, material, and BTU a homeowner should choose.  That is why we have a BTU calculator to help determine these factors and see what radiators fit your criteria. When heating for the cold months, homeowners will want to ensure their radiators are fully functioning throughout this period. We always recommend ensuring that the central heating is functioning correctly, instead of having to resort to using a hot water bottle. Having a bedroom radiator breakdown after a tiring day of work is every homeowner’s nightmare. Whilst there are a few DIY solutions that can be done to fix a faulty radiator, such as bleeding, sometimes an old radiator may have lost its overall energy efficiency and will just need to be replaced. All through the year, our special offers great prices on bedroom radiators.  There is currently a Revive 600H x 628W 3 Column Horizontal Raw Metal Radiator for just £125.  This radiator heats up quickly, and is easy to install, maintain, and clean; a great deal for a little winter insurance on a bedroom radiator. During the holidays in the cold months, some homeowners may have out-of-town guests staying over.  Sometimes when a spare room is not used on a regular basis the radiators and heating system are switched off to save on the energy bills. Making sure the guest bedroom has an efficient, quality radiator will guarantee an enjoyable stay for visiting relatives.  Columnrads has a slightly larger unit that would be great for the guest bedroom.  It is a beautiful Revive 600H x 904W 4 Column Horizontal Radiator at a price of £196.  This radiator will provide warmth and comfort to homeowners and their guests. It is important to ensure that radiators are working correctly, but there are other reasons why a bedroom may not be at the ideal temperature even with the radiator turned on and with the thermostat up. Hot air can escape through external walls, and the warm air can leak out through windows and doors in the room. For those on a low income a few simple changes to the bedroom's configuration can help keep heat loss to a minimum. Some cheap ways to help improve energy efficiency in the bedroom including using door draught excluders. These can be placed along the bottom of the door to stop cold air entering the room. Curtains can be drawn to create a barrier over the windows and to stop heat escaping. An electric blanket can also be used, but shouldn't be switched on for too long as these are not the most efficient devices and adds an extra cost to energy bills. Even a warm rug on cold floorboards can help block heat from escaping through the floor, and can simply feel warmer to the touch when walking on. For those with a little more money to spare and who wish to keep the home warm then it is worth reviewing the status of the loft insulation. Ensuring that the loft insulation is installed, and in good order will ensure that the home is better suited to dealing with the cold weather. This is especially true for those looking to keep the bedroom warm in the wintertime since the bedrooms are normally located in the upper part of the home, closer to the loft and roof of the building. Heat can escape through the ceiling if the insulation is performing poorly, or not installed at all. Wall insulation can also be a factor too. It can be quite costly in the winter months to heat your home.  Having the proper working radiators throughout the house can help keep heating bills low though - and can work well with other measures in place, such as smart thermostats to control when the heat is used.  Knowing the type of radiator needed for each room is vital when replacing an older unit.  Let us help you find the right one to give you the comfortable night of sleep you deserve – view our range at