Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Budget with Column Rads Towel Rails

Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Budget with Column Rads Towel Rails

Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Budget with Column Rads Towel Rails

Here at Column Rads we know that the bathroom is one of the rooms used every day and although we may not spend a huge amount of time in there (unless you’re a parent!), it should still be one that we enjoy. However, upgrading your whole bathroom can be very costly and quite disruptive, especially when everyone is stuck indoors during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We have some great ideas for upgrading your bathroom on a budget with our fantastic range of towel rails including designer towel radiators in various colours and bathroom accessories. So, if you just want to spend this extra time at home sprucing it up for less instead of a full-scale bathroom renovation, we’ve got some tips to help.  


Fresh white bathroom Bathroom Suit


Painting the Bathroom to Modernise it:

Now, this might sound obvious, but a nice lick of paint can really freshen up a dated bathroom. It can make it seem significantly newer than it is and give it the appearance of being a new, modern bathroom suite. Don’t be afraid of going brighter or darker, a contrasting colour against a white bathroom suite can make the room seem bigger. If your tiles are outdated or grubby, there is plenty of tile paints available to refresh those too. You can also get coloured grout paint, if you really want a pop of colour or something to stand out against a white radiator or a black radiator for instance.  


Tile Stickers for a Modern Bathroom Twist:

If painting isn’t how you want to spend your time, then there’s a huge array of tile stickers found online. These can give your bathroom a modern twist with minimum effort. Whether it’s just the back splash, around the bath or even on the floor - there are so many upgrade options at a fraction of the cost of ripping it out and starting again. If you have the right gadgets, you can even design and print your own stickers to save even more money. You can get the look of a modern designer bathroom for much less.  


Designer Towel Rails & Classic Towel Rails:

Here at Column Rads we have a great selection of radiators including bathroom towel radiators and designer towel rails that can really add some style to your bathroom. Whether you want a classic bathroom radiator, such as a chrome towel rail, stainless steel towel rail or something more contemporary to stand out, we’ve got something for you. Our traditional radiator, the Revive Column Towel Rail is a great choice for smaller bathrooms as it can fit in to more constricted wall spaces, whilst providing great heat and towel storage. The chrome and white radiator style means that it can fit in with any colours or accessories and is an extremely versatile piece.  

If you’re looking for something a bit more out there, why not check out our coloured towel rails. As well as the classic white, chrome and grey metallic pieces, we also provide a more custom and bespoke look which include colours such as oranges, blues, greens and many more. These designer towel radiators are a great option to really elevate the look of your bathroom without changing too much. Just match accessories such as toothbrush holders, shower heads, shower tray soap dispensers and bath mats and you’ve transformed the room with very little effort. Don't forget to include some Column Rads towel rail accessories too.  

Traditional Column Towel Rail Radiator
Column Rads Traditional Towel Rail: @oldquarter_renovation



Another way to personalise the look and feel of your space is with our range of radiator valves, feet and accessories. The replacement of a valve can really individualise a heating radiator, and make it unique and perfect for you. The range here at Column Rads includes an array of different finishes and designs, from copper to brushed metal and black so you can really mix and match to get the look to how you want it. We also have both manual and thermostatic radiator valves that fit a range of radiators from column radiators to compact, you can still make a statement, regardless of the style you’re going for.  

At Column Rads, we’ve got a huge range of products big and small that you can use to upgrade your home and central heating system for less. You can find a range of wall hung radiators, vertical radiators and more, from designer radiators to electric radiators in a range of different BTU (British Thermal Unit) heat outputs. The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms of the house, but it needn’t be the saddest. Why not check out our Column Rads website for more information today.

If you are looking for more inspiration for your bathroom, why not check out our Beautiful Bathrooms - Interior Inspiration board on Pinterest. Don’t forget to share your photos of your new towel rails and radiators on our Show Off Your Rads Page or on Instagram.