How to choose the right radiator for your house!

How to choose the right radiator for your house!
With the advent of new and interesting designs of radiators we are not stuck to flat pieces of metal that get hot. The choices have become endless and then add in colours and finishes and you can pretty much get anything to match your own house and taste. So the radiators no longer are a necessary inconvenience but a complimentary addition. When choosing the correct radiator you need to first look at where you want it and what you need it for. The decision on a radiator can be governed by also budget and expense, is the room worth the expense of a designer rad or is it just a functional addition. In limited areas the bulk standard convector radiators give you the best output as they have increased surface areas due to their design. If you are trying to make a feature then is it about size or are you happy to have a big show off rad? With regards to budget is it necessary to spend out pounds on a designer rad that is going to go into a utility room covered in coats, mud and wellies? Questions to consider are:
  • Where do you want the radiator?
  • Is it a replacement?
  • What do you want the radiator to do? Heat the room, Look nice, a statement?
  • What is your budget?
  • Does it fit into the existing space?
  • Any replacement radiator means you are slightly governed by existing pipework unless you want to get a plumber in.
Radiator in a hallway