How Do I Know if I Need a New Radiator?

How Do I Know if I Need a New Radiator?
Were your radiators installed before the year 2000? If so, you likely need new radiators. Since water runs through each tubular column, the clue that replacement is required most difficult to miss is the leaking radiator. Either through corrosion or improper installation leaks are the most common evidence of radiator deterioration. That said, make sure the issue is the old radiator and not the overall central heating system, or a leaky radiator valve for instance, as this can make a big difference too.  Once all those channels are checked and before deciding on a replacement radiator, check for build up and corrosion in existing radiators by draining a little water from the unit (also known as bleeding radiator): If the water is clear, go ahead and add a chemical cleaner to the system to clean it. If your upstairs rooms are cold spots and downstairs rooms comfortable, you may just need a new central heating pump. Since quality control is excellent in radiator manufacturing, leaks from splits or corrosion in tubing are highly unlikely in new and professional installations, but serious problems commonly occur in older radiators.

Why is my radiator cold?

If your radiator is not regularly cleaned and protected against corrosion by the addition of a chemical inhibitor or corrosion inhibitor, you will eventually have cold radiators. This may be caused by blockage within the tubes or because the radiator valve fails to allow hot water flow to enter the unit, causing additional heat loss. Note too that any sludge in the radiator may migrate to the rest of the heating system and cause serious damage to your plumbing and boiler as well. Since you cannot see inside the tubes it’s impossible to assess the extent of any corrosion or collection of debris and blockage. If the addition of sludge eliminator and an adjustment of valves seems to improve radiator performance, you simply may be delaying the inevitable failure of the radiator. One top tip is to keep this in mind if you’re considering buying a secondhand or used radiator. The price and retro look may have appeal, but an inefficient faulty radiator unit will cost you more money over time both in mediocre performance and when you find yourself suddenly looking for a replacement sooner than you’d planned. For the best replacement choices Column Rads has a range of warrantied classic style, contemporary modern radiators and customized models for every heating need and room décor, that can help you also save money on heating bills due to their efficiency.

New Radiators to upgrade your home

For home renovations you may want to balance form and style with function. Like every household plumbing and heating device you select, radiators are available in many styles, sizes, and even colors. Whether you choose a new one that is a column, vertical or raw metal radiator will depend first upon the space, the plumbing or electrical wiring extant or possible to install, and how much heat you want the unit to provide. When you replace your radiators you’ll have an opportunity to change the amount and distribution of heat to suit your preferences regarding style, color and amount of heat brought to each room. We feature a range of designer radiators, to make that radiator replacement a stylish upgrade in your room too. These also have various radiator bleed valves, thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) and accessories that can make a great match to each room. When you’ve determined where you want to install every single radiator, measure the space carefully and, if wall mounting is required, confirm that the wall is strong enough to support the unit. Also keep in mind that the first thing listed on many comprehensive instruction lists is “Find someone to help you.” You can put Column Rads first on that list with the BTU calculator on our site. With this tool you’ll be able to measure the radiator heat output you need for each room or space. Find out more info about how to balance your radiator Shop our range of individual radiators here at ColumnRads