Our Designer Spring Coloured Column Rads for your home

Our Designer Spring Coloured Column Rads for your home

Designer Spring Coloured Column Rads - Spring into Colour with our Coloured Column Radiators

Spring is here! It is the perfect time to think about refreshing your living space as we plan on spending more time with friends and family. Luckily, Column Rads has some great suggestions for new column radiators with a range of spring colour options that are sure to liven up your home as we come into the warmer seasons. Whether you’re looking for something bright and cheerful, for the living room, or a radiator colour that is more muted and calming for the bedroom, this spring we’ve got something for you - and they’re all bloomin’ marvellous! Check out our spring coloured column radiators today. Remember you can also look at our Pinterest page or Instagram for spring time inspiration and content from our wonderful customers.  



 Spring coloured column rads - Yellow column radiator against bold jungle wall paper with flowers and monkeys

Picture Credit - @Porcupinerocks


Colza Yellow Radiators

When you think of Spring, one of the most iconic images is daffodils. Our Colza Yellow coloured column radiators just sing for spring. They are a great addition to any room, especially if you’re looking for that pop of spring colour to match your colour scheme. Yellow can be a scary colour to implement into your home as it is a bright, bold colour. However, is much more versatile than you may think. It goes great with floral wallpapers and pastels but can also be used with darker or more neutral tones for a solid, bold statement. It makes a nice change from the standard white radiators. If you want a subtle look you can also just match a few accessories, like cushions or framed prints to the room to give a more cohesive aesthetic.  


Spring coloured column rads - Orange vertical column radiator agains a geometric multicoloured wall

Picture Credit - @colourful_cookie


Traffic Orange Radiators

As the name suggests, Traffic Orange is a show stopper but this bright colour will really freshen up any décor. Orange can work well with so many styles. This colour can be perfect for kitchens and bathrooms especially as it really compliments block colours on walls and units. Again, it be used as a bold colour popping statement piece in a neutral room or you can go citrus chic with orange, yellow and pink décor for a tropicana vibe – perfect for spring/summer 2021.


Spring coloured column rads - Green column radiator against a green wall  


Turquoise Green Radiators

Our final suggestion is slightly more muted than the previous tones. Spring is the perfect time for a clean slate, to turn over a new leaf and to have a spring clean. So why not let your home be influenced by nature. It may be more neutral than yellow or orange but can still provide some daring décor to your home. Our turquoise green radiators add class and warmth to any room. They can be styled in various ways. Choose country chic, or jewel tones as this colour contrasts perfectly with beiges and dark woods. If you’re feeling brave you can also match with a statement wallpaper for a real pop of colour. The possibilities are endless.  


What else is there?

If these colours aren’t for you this Spring, remember to check out our entire range of coloured radiators at columnrads.co.uk.  We’ve got other bright or neutrals available today to suit your taste. If none of the colours we provide on site match your style, don’t worry – you can order special finishes and custom RAL colours from us at any time, just fill in the form to receive a quote.  


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