Coloured radiators what is all that about?

In some peoples mind the fact that there is the possibility of a coloured or different finishes to white is shocking. This is probably because they are trying to hide the radiators away and treating them as purely functional. That is fine and it is horses for courses but in today’s design we sort of want to see function and elements of building design that you may have previously covered with a grill or cover. Radiators are great and ok so we sell them but why hide them away and try and get your sofa right up close to them, be proud and show them off. This change of attitude has definitely been influenced by the introduction of colours and different paint finishes. Why hide a rad when you can get it Traffic Orange to ping in a kitchen or hammered gold in a Victorian hallway. The Victorians had it right because they invested in things that were important and smoothed out things that were not. Here at Columnrads we offer colours in the towel rail and column rad range. We also have the stock of Express sizes and finishes that mean you can get that black, hammered gold, raw metal or Anthracite rad quickly and in time for the job. We also offer a service to colour match and produce a radiator in any RAL colour finish you like. This is our Custom Colour service and it takes a bit longer and is definitely more expensive but the results can be fantastic. So what is it all about? It is all about making something that has a function of keeping you warm and utilising that space and shape to produce a functioning complimentary design to other aesthetics in the room. God luck and make sure you do not forget the valves, which can add an even more brilliant design to another functional object. Facebook Advert 3