These are some of our best selling radiators online and in store.

Columnrads – Our best selling radiators

Multicolumn radiators or column rads for short are starting to become the best selling radiators and first choice in a lot of situations in the UK now. The normal panel or convector radiators are great and really do the job but if you are something a bit more substantial and cannot lose the rad behind a settee or curtain and it is on show, then a column rad is your best bet. They just tick all the boxes with modern and traditional houses, as they have clean lines and can be finished in lots of colours and come in various sizes vertical and horizontal.

So what are the bestselling column rads for us and why?

In at number one is because of its size, colour and price. The 600 x 904 3 column horizontal in white is perfectly suitable replacement for probably the most popular size of standard radiator. It is a great price at £138 and smartens up any refurbed room. At number two is such a popular finish and that is because it is what people aspire to on a designer radiator. It a 600 x 1180 3 Column raw metal finish and it fits into most spaces, gives a good output and the finish is just amazing. Ideal for halls, bedrooms and medium sizes lounges and gives a straight off impact that is “wow where did you get that from?”. At number three is the versatile vertical radiator 490 x 1800 2 column in white. This is because it suits a limited space, is ideal for kitchens and bedrooms and allows you to use that vertical space that is not being used. The next one at number four is another popular one due to its replacement market appeal and that is a 600 x 628 3 column in white. It is a great price at just over £100 and has an output that is more than adequate for a bathroom, toilet or landing. 1800H x 490W 3 Column Vertical White RadiatorLast but not least and is moving up the scale is 490 x 1800 3 column vertical. This is the big brother to the two columns and packs a bigger output so is more versatile for larger rooms. These are often purchased in twos to go either side of a window or doorway. Radiators do not have to be boring and tucked away and you can re-think what and where you are going to put them. We can help so give us a try.