Bedroom radiators that save a lot of space in your home

Bedroom radiators used to be more for their functional purpose rather than for looks, however that has changed in recent years, as an array of stylish designer radiators have been made available. Also, these have to be durable in a different way. It is likely that you use your bedroom radiator only at nights, but for the entire night at a time. This means that the heater has to function effectively and modulate temperature without overheating.


Bedroom radiator styles and colours

Consider some retro looking radiators with bright colours. These usually go well with the normally light colored bedroom. Some people like to go for something bright, such as a chrome radiator. However, these often work well for larger bedrooms, whilst if your bedroom is not very large, then you could go for a space saving radiator that is wall mounted, known as a vertical radiator. Also, in such a case, if you have a complimentary colour radiator or even the same colour as your walls, then it seems as if it is using up less space. You should also find out all the specifications before you purchase a heater for your bedroom. Bedroom radiators may end up running on long cold nights, sometimes starting early on in the evening. They are of course designed to be durable and long lasting. However, it is best if you know the ratio between the power consumption and the heat output via using a tool such as a BTU Calculator. This way, you may decide on a radiator that not only fits well with the surroundings in your bedroom, but also decide on a heater that is economical and power saving.


Panel radiators

Not all households have central heating and instead use individual panel radiators instead. These by design are normally standard than a normal horizontal radiator or column radiator because they tend to run using electricity and not hot water. These electric radiators can save space, but generally when used as the primary heating system do tend to cost more to run, since electricity is the most expensive One thing that most people want to avoid is a standard looking radiator in the bedroom. The good news is there is a wide selection of designer radiators that available to buy. Some favour a contemporary radiator whilst others may prefer something like an old-fashioned, cast iron radiator. If you have an en-suite you may even have room for a small designer towel radiator too. We wouldn't recommend installing bathroom radiators such as towel rails in the bedroom, but they are fine to place in the en suite. Some people when replacing the radiators in the bedroom may consider changing the ones in the rest of the home too, such as in the living room. Modern radiators that are made from stainless steel are generally quite good to look at and can be a focal point in the room. Some people ask about whether underfloor heating is appropriate for the bedroom. This can be a popular option, but because this type of heating can take a while to heat up we find that occasionally it can make the bedroom a little too warm at times. Ultimately it does come to individual preference, but with a standard column radiator then it can be easier to adjust the heat output with the radiator valves.


Vertical Radiators in the Bedroom

Sometimes there is not a lot of spare space in the bedroom for a large radiator and if you find your traditional horizontal radiator is not putting out enough heat, and it is working correctly then it may be an option to switch it for a vertical radiator, which will use a similar amount of space (width-wise) but can be bigger in size, since they are taller. You can even pick up vertical designer radiators that can look decorative in the bedroom. Some of these are aluminium radiators whilst others use traditional mild steel or stainless steel. In fact, with modern central heating installations we are seeing vertical designer radiators used around the house much more often these days. If you are happy to simply go for a cheaper style of radiator then double panel radiators and single panel radiators may be a good choice. Along with a flat panel radiator, this type of radiator tends to be cost effective to buy and can provide more than adequate heating.