Are you having trouble keeping your bathroom warm?

We all want our bathroom warm, its where we wrap up the least! Life is all about being fast, quick and efficient! We do not have time for a bath anymore, so we shower. Is it because we are always late, or too tired from late night emails!

Whatever the scenario in your house there is nothing worse than getting up to a cold bathroom and out of a hot shower with a rain shower head to a damp towel, ice cold tile on the floor and a cold room. So what is the best way to keep your bathroom warm and how should we do it.

When it comes to the latest bathroom design, or if you are having a bathroom remodel, then one of the things that is often overlooked is how to achieve a warm bathroom. Generally the bathroom look and design takes precedence over the functionality of the entire room.

The best solution is a radiator or towel warmer and these now come in many forms to suit a bathroom. They have also grown into becoming a heater and a rail and in lots of cases now, decorative as well. A few years ago now, towel rails exploded onto the bathroom radiator scene and have continued to be pretty much the most popular rad in a bathroom.

They started appearing in white first and then chrome and then a curved profile. As chrome became more popular the price dropped and became much more affordable offering a unique way to heat your room and towel at the same time.

A lot of bathroom people would argue that the heated towel rail was around much before the multi-rail ladder style of today and we would pretty much agree. The only difference was that heated traditional towel rails where not that common in the home because of cost.

Traditional towel radiator to make a bathroom warm

The popular Myson towel rail with chrome surround was expensive and a bit boring. Today the traditional towel rail has been incorporated with the really popular multi-column radiator that offers a old fashioned style with a modern twist.

In a lot of cases a towel rail is sufficient and popular but if you need more heat than a column radiator or panel radiator can be used with a nice chrome rail above the top or add in a Revive Column rad accessory, like a towel hook, bar or ring.

In all instances you need to make sure you consider that once you have covered the radiator with a towel or lots of towels it is going to greatly reduce the heat. So it is always wise to get the biggest towel rail you can to fit in the space. There are lots of ways to heat your bathroom and you can tailor your choice to your style and make a great feature out of a functional item.

Another option for the bathroom floor is to installed underfloor heating. Heated floors are a good option if you like to have warm feet. Standing on a cold tile first thing on a chilly morning is never nice. Of course, a bath mat is a low-tech approach that can help too. We'd normally recommend combining this with a towel rail so that it is still possible to have toasty warm towels. This may suit a small bathroom quite well, since the floor area will be reduced and therefore will cost less to heat. Generally these can all be connected directly to your central heating system, depending on the type of system you install.

It is also an important point that heating is only one part of the equation. You also need to stop cold air from entering the bathroom in the first place and to retain heat that is generated from your heating system. So it is worth checking our any windows that you have to ensure they are properly sealed, and consider upgrading if you need to.

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