With the ever increasing pressure on making your homes and life in general more efficient and less wasteful it is no wonder that there is loads of noise around how to control your heating.

Also the fact that heating your home is becoming more expensive and wasting energy does not help the environment, the ways to control your heating are becoming fundamental to all central heating installations.

So just what can you do to control your heating? Hopefully and by reading this blog you are really interested in our most favourite subject radiators, so let’s start here and work upwards.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Control your heating at the radiator level with Valves Control your heating at the radiator level with Valves[/caption]

If you are looking at changing your radiators do not forget the valves and do not leave it down to the plumber because you want them to be right for you and your style.

We have a great range of valves and by fitting thermostatic ones you are able to control the rad according to the temperature in the room. This means that by setting the valve head to one to five in most cases you are defining how hot you want that room to get. With standard valves there is no way to control the temperature of each radiator so it will keep just getting really hot even if the room is at a comfortable temperature.

It is important as there is nothing worse than opening a window because a room is too hot in the winter and also why would you want the rad getting hot in the summer if it was hot outside.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="150"]Control your Heating by room with a room thermostat Control your Heating by room with a room thermostat (courtesy of our sister company Mr Central Heating)[/caption]

The next way is to fit a room thermostat and these range in their style and operation but generally govern a floor or even a whole house. This creates control for the system and located in a hall or landing it can be set to create a comfortable temperature and increased if necessary.

This is fine but if used with thermostatic valves then you can really save energy as bedrooms and other non-living areas or warm rooms can be individually controlled.

There are lots of different types of room stats and these range from dial stats to programmable digital ones that offer five different temperatures seven different day of the week. Whatever you decide, controlling your heating circuit is essential and stop throwing money out of your open windows and heating you roof and get some control back!