Flat panel rads what are they?

We are pleased to bring to you our range of flat panel rads.

Over the last few years the interest in designer radiators has increased and the style and availability has also been fuelled by the internet. You can sit at home and peruse the various shopping sites looking for a myriad of radiators by colour, size, style, finish, type and so on until you have concluded, wow there is a great choice!

We have been around for over 10 years now and although we have not succumbed to this huge choice of radiators before, we have now found another range that is just perfect.  Columnrads as the website determines was created to offer multicolumn radiators at really affordable prices and take the designer bit out of the price.

We have lead with functionality first and this is where Column radiators just win hands down over conventional radiators. So it has not been difficult to expand the offerings as nothing else has really quite come close to the mark. After some contemplation we have decided to add to the portfolio of radiators available through Columnrads.

This has not been done lightly and without serious thought and planning. The Columnrads we supply are hugely popular and very constant in finish and reliability. We have had to be sure that any new ranges can live up to the reputation that we have created with Revive Radiators.

Flat panel radsThe new Revive Slat or Flat panel rads are just the right radiators to not only complement Column rads but far enough away to appeal to a new customer and even suit those ones wishing to have different styles and themes in each room.

The Slat panel rads are very sleek and easy on the eye, offering a modern style with good outputs and the most popular sizes. We have spent time assessing what is important and be careful with cheaper imports that are just not up to the job. Column rads are highly engineered products and we did not want to settle for a cheap little brother.

The Revive Slat rads are well made, well finished and very robust and actually really weighty, indicating a good build and good quality.So if you are looking for a designer radiator this summer please take a look at the new ranges we can offer and radiators just got a whole lot more exciting.