Column Rads UK is pleased to announce that we are now stocking more Compact Radiators than ever and have increased our range of sizes in all three categories, Single Premium, Double Premium and Double Deluxe.

Compact Radiators are the UK standard central heating radiator. They consist of a series of panels, with convectors behind each front panel in order to draw up the cold air from the floor level and radiate it upwards.

They are factory fitted with a top grille to avoid items being dropped into the convectors (Kids toys are a favourite). They are also fitted with side panels to give a crisp finished look all round.

The fittings and brackets are also supplied as standard on all Revive Compact Radiators, after all, they wouldn't be much use without them.

Whether you are looking for small, low output radiators to replace the hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard when having a Combi boiler fitted, or a large high output Double deluxe radiator to raise the temperature in a large living room we have them all.

Knowing what size compact radiators to put in a room can be challenging, and to help you with your choice, Column Rads UK have a handy BTU calculator ( British Thermal Unit). Or to give it a another name, a radiator size calculator for your room.

A common mistake when choosing compact radiators for your room, even when using a BTU Calculator, is to try and get every scrap or heat for a room out of 1 radiator. Whilst this is ok for smaller room it will create cold areas in larger or odd shaped rooms. This will cause the room to take longer to warm up which is not an efficient use of your boiler or radiators.

When using the BTU Calculator, split the room into multiple compact radiators for both efficiency, and more choice of radiators to suit your room. You will find the room gets to a comfortable temperature quicker, and more evenly if you can place compact radiators at each end of a room, and it will be easier to maintain the required temperature without your boiler working overtime.