Could you replace a panel radiator with a column radiator?

In the world of radiators life has changed and probably for the better if you buy good quality products. The humble panel heat emitter or radiator has developed into something that was functional and in fact at the start a luxury item to something that is key to the design and look of the room.

In previous times the main source of heat in a room or house was a coal fire and this as often only found in the main living areas. Bedrooms and non-living areas were cold and in the time of bed pans it was a quick dash to get unchanged and in to bed.

The radiators of today not only are really efficient but also can be purchased in a variety of styles, finishes and to suit a number of spaces, vertical, horizontal, wall mounted and floor standing. So the functionality is important but the reason to purchase now includes it fitting into it surrounds. It is a statement and this has been led by the competitiveness of the product and the great deals that Columnrads are able to provide on designer radiators that were never before affordable.

The humble white fluted panel radiator which now comes pretty much as standard with convector fins to increase the surface area, is still the most popular type of radiator but in a lot of cases the choice to replace like for like is becoming more difficult. Steel panel radiators are great and functional but Column radiators just offer a more touchy, feely option that is robust and more substantial. The question of whether I can replace a panel radiator with a column radiator should be really, why I shouldn’t replace that old panel radiator with a new modern column radiator.

The choices for column radiators are much great than their counterparts and they can be fitted vertically or horizontally and be finished in a myriad of colours and textures. The versatility and choice in the column radiator range is making them one of the most popular alternatives for panel or convector radiators.