Home Office Radiators

If you’ve got a home office or work from home, it’s important to get your workspace looking professional so it can put you in that working mind-set. Our Express Jet Black Two Column Vertical Radiator oozes style. With a very striking design, which is both easy to maintain and clean, it’s offers both practicality and style. It would look fabulous matched up with a black desk and blinds, and would save the usual hassle of trying to hide the radiator behind the curtains!  Find designer radiators that you’ll be happy to show any visiting clients.   

If black is a bit harsh for your office, you could go for our Express Grey Aluminium Radiator. A grey office radiator against some soft blues and greens, or offset by warm hue of oranges and browns will get you feeling comfortable and relaxed ready to begin all your work. The great thing about these radiators is that they come in various sizes as well, so if you have low or high ceilings you will still be able to find something that suits. Take a look at our range of radiators below. 

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