Hall Radiators

If you’ve got a bit of a draughty hallway, you might want to invest in a radiator to keep your whole house toasty. There’s nothing worse than coming in from a frosty morning and shivering in the hallway whilst you de-layer yourself! Couple of options we recommend include a lovely deluxe radiator that is perfect to keep your house super warm.

It’s available in 12 different sizes so if you need to squeeze it in between a bookshelf and a cupboard or fill a wide space then there are all kinds of options to choose from. The double deluxe radiators are supplied with top grilles and side panels as well as the wall brackets, plug and bleed vent. That means that you’ve got everything you need to get it installed right away.  All prepared for winter!

If you are looking for something a little less conventional then we’ve also got that, thanks to radiators such as our four column horizontal radiator What’s great about these horizontal radiators is that they are super easy to clean and maintain, as well as being really fast at heating up, so if efficiency is what you are looking for this might be the radiator for you. 

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