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1. Choosing the right radiator for your home

There are a seemingly endless choices of radiators available today. To help you with the decision making process we’ve put together a guide to the common questions and issues home owners face when selecting a radiator. Find out how to choose the right radiators for your rooms at home, where to place them, what to look out for in new and old radiators, and more.
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2. Guide to Radiator Troubleshooting

Over time, issues may occur on your hot water radiators. So we’ve compiled a list of top issues and how to troubleshoot and solve these problems. Is the radiator not heating up, or partially heated, is it leaking, noisy or does it just need to be cleaned. Find out what to look out for when managing your home radiators.
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3. Winter Home Heating Guide

Saving Money over those winter months is important, but so is staying warm and healthy! Get the best of both worlds and find out how to save money on your home heating bill. This guide gives you tips on how to ensure your boiler and heating system is working correctly and to its fullest potential, along with what else to look out for such as where heat escapes, using a timer, or reviewing the tariff you are on so that it fits your needs.
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4. Modern Home Decor Radiators

This guide provides a basic overview on the different types and styles of radiators that are available on ColumnRads. From living room and bedroom radiators, traditional panel radiators, modern designs have long replaced the old white radiator. We also look at towel rails, vertical radiators and more, showcasing the vast variety of new styles and configurations that can match your home’s décor.
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