V&G 1/2" Radiator Blanking Plug

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This 1/2" blanking plug from Valogin is perfect for any radiator with a 1/2" BSP thread and allows for one connection to be blanked off.  Please note all Revive radiators come complete with the blanking plug, this is just a spare part should you require it. 
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More Information
Manufacturer : Valogin
Manufacturer Product Number : H-22203
GTIN : 6970472051302
Spray Time : 20 Working days
Product Type : Plug
Gross Weight inc Packaging (KG) : 0.018
Weight (KG) : 0.000000
Radiator Accessories : Bleed vents
Customer Questions
Hi Are you able to build a custom size radiator? I am looking for one at 1686 long x 600 high x 4 columns with a natural lacquered finish

Sorry, no. Just the listed sizes. its how we keep the price down.

What colour of valve suits a raw metal radiator? Black nickel, antique brass or silver nickel

Black Nickel is the most popular colour of valves but the Silver Nickel is a close second.

Looking for black radiators, heard they never give out as much heat as the standard white ones, is this true?

To some extent, yes. Painted radiators do give out a little less heat compared to standard white radiators but the difference is minor. It will not impact the radiators ability to produce heat and heat a whole room. However, all of our colours are done by using a powder coating and so the colour makes no difference to the heat output. If you are considering painting a rad yourself, please not the more layers of heat resistant paint you add, the great the impact on performance.

How can I work out which size radiators I need?

Our BTU Calculator tool will help you identify suitable radiators for the specific room(s) in question. As a guide, in our experience we’ve found the typical room size of the average 3 bedroomed house requires the following radiator sizes:

Lounge = 1400 x 600 double
Dining room = 1200 x 600 double
Kitchen = 900 x 600 double
Bedroom 1 = 1400 x 600 single
Bedroom 2 = 1200 x 600 single
Bedroom 3 = 900 x 600 single
Bathroom = 600 x 600 double

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