Warm winter wishes.

Stay warm and cosy this winter with our range of custom coloured radiators.

Winter is finally here, so get comfortable, wrap up and let us shower you with warm winter wishes. This year, our winter picks are inspired by the cool tones of the beautiful British weather. Icy greys, glowing creams and cozy browns to take you through the chilly months to come. These versatile colours will add some sparkle at any time of the year, so take a look below and see how they could complement your home.

Telegrey 4 column radiator.

Telegrey 4

This is one of our newest shades to the Column Rads coloured radiator range. A beautiful light grey, this rad would be perfect in a variety of settings. Cooler tones work well with more stark colours such as grey or white but also deeper tones such as navy. Perhaps a great addition to a bathroom or home office, where it could provide calming vibes with a modern edge.

Light Ivory

A classic colour that is also new to our collection, a light ivory radiator will easily fit into a range of decors and homes. A completely adaptable shade with a touch of class, the tone will compliment modern and traditional furnishings alike. Unlike a white or metallic radiator, this is a softer finish presenting a winter glow whilst keeping you warm and cosy.

Light Ivory
Beige Brown column radiator.

Beige Brown

A staple in our selection, the beige brown radiator is a subtle way of introducing a coloured rad if you’d like a more delicate touch. The rich colour can be a statement piece or sit well with an already established palette slotting in well with bold or muted hues. Warming but subtle, this is a perfect selection for the winter months in your home.

The first TRV with an interchangeable head.

We bring you the Bentley Choice TRV – a beautiful, uniquely customisable valve, the first of its kind. Choose from two base valve finishes; Silver Nickel or Chrome, and a range of coloured heads to either match your radiator or create a colour pop of contrast to add something a little different.

Traffic Red Bentley Choice TRV