Single Express Raw Metal Column Radiator Decorative Foot

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So impressed that we're doing the whole house in the raw finish column rads
will always buy these ‘feet’ with column rads. makes the fitting more secure. look great too!
Great, functional product. A very simple, classic design that works perfectly without distracting from the aesthetics of the radiator.

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This single express raw metal lacquered column radiator decorative foot is available as an optional accessory to complement the Revive range of column radiators. Radiator feet create the appearance of a freestanding radiator, but they only support its weight so youll still need to use the wall brackets that are supplied.
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Raw Metal Lacquered
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Radiator Accessories
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Product Questions
Can I buy radiator feet for the 3 column raw metal rads

Yes, we do sell feet for the Raw Metal column radiators which are mainly for decorative purpose.

These can be used to take some of the weight BUT the radiator MUST always be fixed to the wall with the brackets supplied with the radiator.

Click Here to view the Revive Raw Metal foot.

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Are your valves Bi-directional?

All of our valves are Bi-directional.

However, it is useful for you to know that due to the unique flow diverter, built within all Revive column radiators the flow MUST to be on the same side as the permanent blank which is the opposite side to the air vent bleed valve.

This is more a flow and return system thing, but is useful to know when thinking about your valves.

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How can I work out which size radiators I need?

Our BTU Calculator tool will help you identify suitable radiators for the specific room(s) in question. As a guide, in our experience we’ve found the typical room size of the average 3 bedroomed house requires the following radiator sizes:

Lounge = 1400 x 600 double
Dining room = 1200 x 600 double
Kitchen = 900 x 600 double
Bedroom 1 = 1400 x 600 single
Bedroom 2 = 1200 x 600 single
Bedroom 3 = 900 x 600 single
Bathroom = 600 x 600 double

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