Revive 500h x 900l Double Premium Radiator (P+)

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Ordered a double radiator, first order superb service . thanks
Radiator was fine, but all 4 support brackets had been squashed flat against radiator and all 4 plastic protectors destroyed. This is a VERY common fault with radiators I suppose connected with their weight. Suggest to suppliers they use shaped polyethylene foam covers for these brackets. Also it... Read More.
Mr Central Heating: Many thanks for your feedback, we have as always, passed this on to the manufacturer to help them improve.

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The Revive 500h x 900l double premium (P+) compact radiator is a quality central heating radiator that will look good in any room. Available from stock at the lowest prices anywhere, it delivers high performance and maximum efficiency.

  • Double panel with single row of convectors

  • Factory-fitted top grille and side panels

  • High quality paint finish white enamel

  • Installation package includes brackets, vents, bolts and wall plugs

  • EN442 tested and certified

  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
Revive Radiators
Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturers Website:
Warranty Terms and Conditions
Height (Metric)
Width (Metric)
Depth (Metric)
Heat Output Watts
Radiator Panels
Radiator Convectors
Radiator BTU Output
Projection from wall
105mm to 120mm
Pipe Centres
65mm or 80mm From The Wall
1/2" Female Thread
Installation PDF File
Manufacturers brochure PDF File
Product Type
Compact Panel Radiator
Radiator Type
Double Premium (P+)
Colours From Stock
Product Questions
What is the difference between K1, P+ and K2 Compact Radiators?

There are 3 types of Compact Radiator available at Columnrads UK.

Single Premium

  • Sometimes refered to as K1 or Single Panel, Single Convector radiators.

Double Premium

  • Also known as P+ or double panel, single Convector radiators.

Double Deluxe

  • Double Deluxe radiators are also refered to as K2 or double panel, double convector radiators.

The Panel is the front, ribbed facing of the radiator where the water channels are.

The Convector is the part behind the panel, or between the panels that is the sheet metal zig zaging which helps draw the cold air up from below, heating it as it rises.

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How can I work out which size radiators I need?

Our BTU Calculator tool will help you identify suitable radiators for the specific room(s) in question. As a guide, in our experience we’ve found the typical room size of the average 3 bedroomed house requires the following radiator sizes:

Lounge = 1400 x 600 double
Dining room = 1200 x 600 double
Kitchen = 900 x 600 double
Bedroom 1 = 1400 x 600 single
Bedroom 2 = 1200 x 600 single
Bedroom 3 = 900 x 600 single
Bathroom = 600 x 600 double

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