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RAL colour guide

Our custom colour swatch list for

coloured radiators and accessories

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  • Browns
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  • Blues
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  • Greys and Creams
  • Blacks


Black, the enigmatic soul of the colour wheel, slips into interiors like a velvet whisper. It's not for the faint of heart, but for those who crave drama, sophistication, and a touch of the unexpected. Used with intention, black becomes a transformative force, sculpting light and space into something truly unique.

  • Black Grey

    RAL 7021

  • Signal Black

    RAL 9004

  • Black Brown

    RAL 8022

  • Traffic Black

    RAL 9017

  • Black Blue

    RAL 5004

  • Graphite Black

    RAL 9011

  • Black Red

    RAL 3007

  • Jet Black

    RAL 9005