Living Room Radiators

Finding a radiator to fit your lounge or living room can end up being quite a hard process. Depending on your colour scheme and the layout of the room... it may mean some re-shuffling has to take place. Our two column vertical radiators from brands such as Revive are perfect for those of you who are a bit limited when it comes to space, being quite slim line and that they are mounted on the wall. It’s a much better choice than the bulky traditional radiators, and they are much easier to maintain as the design allows easy access for cleaning all the way round the pipes. If you want to splash on something a little bit more special and unique then why not have a look at our Three Column Horizontal Radiators which can be customised depending on your preferences. You could go for an injection of colour, with a bright red radiator or go for something a little more subdued such as a soft beige colour. As well as the colour of the radiator you can also choose various different valves; a soft copper, a shiny silver or a tarnished bronze. Either way, when looking for an energy efficient way to heat your home, start off with our wide selection of radiators for your living room, such as the ones here. Below are just a few examples of suitable products, you will find many more radiators among the main radiator categories.
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  1. 1200H x 490W 2 Column Vertical White Radiator 2822 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £110.00 Incl. VAT
    2 Column Vertical White Radiator
  2. 1200H x 398W 2 Column Vertical White Radiator 2257 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £86.93 Incl. VAT
    2 Column Vertical White Radiator
  3. 1500H x 398W 2 Column Vertical White Radiator 2839 Btu at Δ 50°C
    (1 review)
    £108.42 Incl. VAT
    2 Column Vertical White Radiator