Bedroom Radiators

Bedrooms are quite versatile when it comes to design, and in fact when it comes to radiators too. At Column Rads we have horizontal, vertical and traditional... radiator designs.  We also have a huge range of radiator accessories and offer a colour customisation service. So whatever colour palette or style you have for your bedroom, you are be sure to find radiator to suit. Some of our favourites include the White Four Column Horizontal Radiator, a classic design with a slight curvature which gives it that cosy feel. Or if you are looking for something a bit edgier, go for a raw metal radiator. They have a really unique finish which changes in different lights. Of if you are looking for a simple, classic radiator design for your bedroom which won’t break the budget our single premium radiators will do the trick. A radiator that does the job. Find these and several more by looking through our range of products below.
Coloured Column Radiators From Stock
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  1. 600 H X 628 W 3 Column Horizontal White Radiator 2701 Btu at Δ 50°C
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    £119.35 Incl. VAT
    600 x 628 3 Column
  2. 600 H X 628 W 4 Column Horizontal White Radiator 3540 Btu at Δ 50°C
    £170.04 Incl. VAT
    600 x 628 4 Column
2 Items
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