Radiator Protection

Radiator Protection

Do you look after your Radiators? Radiators are an investment in your home, especially when going for designer radiators that look amazing! But they are... not just there to look great, they have a job to do. The first thing you need todo is clean your heating system with a cleanser, this will help your radiators and your boiler work more efficiently. The next thing to do is fit a system filter somewhere near your boiler, so that any metallic slodge can be pulled from the system preventing it from clogging your boiler and radiators. The next thing you must do is top up your heating system with Inhibitor to prevent rust from forming and allowing your radiators to rot from the inside out. Once you have these in place, you can expect many years of efficient service from your radiator investment.
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  1. MC1 Protector & MC3 Cleaner Rapide Twin Pack  

    As low as £17.18 Incl. VAT

    MC1+ and MC3+ Duo-pack
  2. MC1+ Rapide Protector - 300ml  
    £18.90 Incl. VAT
    MC1+ Rapide protector
  3. MC3+ Rapide Cleaner - 300ml  
    £17.18 Incl. VAT
    MC3+ Rapide cleaner
  4. MC1 Protector & MC3 Cleaner - 500ml bottles - Twin Pack  
    (3 reviews)

    As low as £11.22 Incl. VAT

    MC1 and MC3 Duo-pack
  5. MC1 Protector 500ml bottle  
    (2 reviews)
    £11.23 Incl. VAT
    ADEY MC1 Protector
  6. MC1 Protector 500ml bottle  
    £16.84 Incl. VAT
    ADEY MC5 Cleaner
  7. MC3 Cleaner - 500ml bottle  
    £11.22 Incl. VAT
    ADEY MC3 Cleaner
7 Items
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