Hello Autumn.

Say bye to summer and hi to autumn with our range of autumnal coloured column radiators.

It’s hard to believe that it summer is over and that it’s already autumn 2021 but, here we are. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The cooler weather is creeping in. Don’t forget that now is a great time to replace those old and tired radiators. You know, the ones you forgot all about during those long, hazy summer days. Fear not, at Column Rads, we have got you covered. With our vast range of finishes and sizes, you can replace your radiator for something more stylish and customisable. So, let’s take a look at this seasons must have colours from Column Rads.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Many people tend to switch off when you mention the colour brown. Words like; its dull, boring, bland come to mind. However, believe it or not, brown often creates a wholesome feeling, a connectivity to the earth and a sense of grounding. A down to earth colour, brown represents stability and support. It affects the mind by creating a cosy feeling, making you feel relaxed and warm. This makes it the perfect colour for radiators. Check out these three brown toned radiators available from Column Rads today.

Retro Bronze column radiator.

Retro Bronze

Go old school with our retro bronze finish. This is a more metallic brown which adds a little something to an industrial styled or retro themed room. This finish works well against some of the brighter autumnal colours such as a mustardy yellow. Pair it with some leather chairs, a geometric rug, a few cream scatter cushions and some autumnal art prints and you are good to go.

Volcanic Sunset Red

Okay, so this isn’t technically a brown but hear us out. This reddish-brown colour is perfect for adding a bit of depth to a more neutral pallet. The finish has a touch of sparkle which will really shine in the autumn sun light. It looks great against light or dark colours. Mix this rad finish with some other textures and patterns to create a unique autumn look.

Volcanic Sunset Red Column Radiator
Beige Brown column radiator.

Beige Brown

As a lighter shade, our beige brown finish is great if you fancy keeping it light this autumn. This finish is great for colour matching or mixing it up with other, pale but warm colours. Pair this with some pale pinks and pumpkin oranges to really get that pumpkin spice feel.

The first TRV with an interchangeable head.

We bring you the Bentley Choice TRV – a beautiful, uniquely customisable valve, the first of its kind. Choose from two base valve finishes; Silver Nickel or Chrome, and a range of coloured heads to either match your radiator or create a colour pop of contrast to add something a little different.

Traffic Red Bentley Choice TRV