Electric Radiators



Reap the rewards of electric heating today


A modern, efficient and simple way of heating your home.

Do you have cold and drafty rooms in your house that your family avoids spending any time in? Well, we have a solution. For the first time ever, Column Rads are stocking electric radiators. Electric radiators can sometimes have a less than favourable reputation, but they can be really efficient, useful and stylish. If you need an extra boost to your heating, they’re a great solution. So why not check out our range? 


Work out the BTU requirements of your room

Use our BTU calculator to ensure that the radiator you choose is sufficient for your needs.

4 Reasons to Buy

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1  Easy to install

Electric rads are perfect for all you DIY’ers as they’re extremely easy to install. All you need is a plug socket and you can mount one on your wall in minutes. Another great plus of an electric radiator is the lack of pipes, valves etc. This is especially important in small space, as they’re not imposing and are more slim-line than conventional radiators. Therefore you can make the most of the space available to you.  


Affordable and efficient  2

If you live in a larger house with higher ceilings, blasting all the radiators to keep one or two rooms warm is very inefficient and in the long term will end up effecting your energy bills. Purchasing individual heating units such as electric heaters is a way of getting control back on your heating. Electric radiators convert 100% of the electricity used into heat, meaning that no energy is wasted. Another benefit is that they do not need to be attached to your central heating system.


3  A worthy upgrade

Electric rads are also a great upgrade to older storage heaters. The older storage heaters are, the less efficient they are as the bricks start to lose their ability to hold the heat. Electric rads provide an affordable upgrade whilst also providing a completely efficient and practical solution. At one stage, electric radiators were unattractive and bulky, but now they’re sleek, compact and stylish.


Low maintenance  4

Another plus is that the maintenance of them is very low; great for peace of mind. This is especially handy for rooms that might not being used very often. They can be turned on when needed and left dormant when not. They don’t need servicing or regularly checking, and if they’re looked after well they should last a number of years - definitely worth the investment.


Our range of electric radiators not only heat efficiently, but also look great too and can complement any style you’re looking for. You can even get them in different colours to suit your home. Electric radiators can have a bad rep for being unsightly and bulky, but the ones in our range are sleek, slimline and stylish. They can be used alongside your standard central heating system too, meaning you can keep running costs lower with more efficient heating if you just want to heat one room up and not the entire house. The efficiency of electric rads are unparalleled, producing as much energy as they use. With low maintenance and easy installation too, they’re a great solution for an extra bit of comfort.