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One interiors trend that doesn’t look to be fading any time soon is nature. Bringing the outdoors inside in playful and inspired ways continues to excite us. With the idea of going green being taken quite literally in some places, we see bigger and bolder botanical statements. However, as the summer months have gotten off to a cracking start this year, a different kind of biome is creeping in. Think Mediterranean islands, sandy beaches, sea plants crossed with some vintage tones.

Turquoise Green Radiator Turquoise Green Radiator

Turquoise Green

This design trend blends beach themes with vintage aesthetics. It explores aesthetics often seen in the beachfront properties, but with a modern twist. What is unusual with this trend is the distinct lack of the typical nautical blues you would associate with beach. It is more the green of sea grasses like kelp and algae with a smattering of earthy, almost woody green/brown tones.

Pair a turquoise green radiator with softer hues like sage green or cream tones that make for a perfect neutral backdrop. Accessorise with vintage pieces or sea faring antiques.

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Traffic White

As the most versatile colour, white goes well when pair with any other colour. Especially blue of various shades. When you think of white and blue you are met with visions of Greek islands, white buildings topped with the most brilliant of blue. For this trend, the blue is the accent colour.

Pair a traffic white radiator with white decor dotted with blue accessories. This gives a clean and crisp décor. Add bolder patterns in the darker blue to liven it up a bit.

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Traffic White Radiator Traffic White Radiator
Signal Blue Radiator Signal Blue Radiator

Signal Blue

This trend focuses on a variety of blue hues. We keep the deep blue inspired by the Greek isles and pair it with softer blues and off whites. A more muted trend compared to the traffic white trend, you can create a bit of cottage-core meets seaside beach hut inspired theme.

Pair a signal blue radiator with pale and dusky blue décor, off white or cream accents and use beach finds like shells and driftwood as accessories.

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