Bring Summer Home.

Create your own paradise with our range of coloured rads.

Bring Summer Home with our range of bright and beautiful column radiators. We may all be spending a bit more time at home this summer, so why not bring the sunshine from the outdoors in with our range. Whether you’re looking for something give your home that summer glow, or style that’s a little more understated – create a paradise at home with Column Rads.

Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest page at the beautiful ways our customer have styled our radiators in their homes.

Colza Yellow column radiator.

Colza Yellow

Our Colza Yellow radiators are more versatile than you think. A pop of colour that works perfectly with a more muted palette, or adds to an already cheerful ensemble. Unarguably a mood lifter, this colour will be a talking point in any room and will add some sunshine to your 2021.

Turquoise Green

A slightly more muted tone for the summer season, this Turquoise Green radiator allows you to add a touch of tropicana. Style with lavish wallpapers and large potted plants for an exotic vibe, or keep with beiges and browns for a classy country feel.

Turquoise Green Column Radiator
Sungold column radiator.


We couldn’t talk about summer without introducing our beautiful Sungold radiator. This unique finish adds decadence and style to any room and is perfect for the summer season. Accessorize with other metallics for a bold finish, or pop on a feature wallpaper to really make your room shine this summer.

The first TRV with an interchangeable head.

We bring you the Bentley Choice TRV – a beautiful, uniquely customisable valve, the first of its kind. Choose from two base valve finishes; Silver Nickel or Chrome, and a range of coloured heads to either match your radiator or create a colour pop of contrast to add something a little different.

Traffic Red Bentley Choice TRV